Hero Protection

In some situations it is impossible use its protective case when shooting footage with your GoPro HD Hero 3. For instance, when I'm filming aerial videos using my DJI Phantom Quadcopter I need to directly mount the cam into the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal for weight reasons. Unfortunately, dirt and dust stirred up by the propellers' air blast may some day cause scratches on the lens.

Fortunately, GoPro finally took notice of this problem and now offers remedy...

Hero Protection,
so that the Hero image doesn't get a scratch...
Today, I've found this useful new addition to the GoPro equipment assortment: lens protection.

It comes in two different sets:
  • just the Protective Lens: this set just contains two lens protections, and nothing else.
  • or Protective Lens and Doors: while this set only contains a single lens protection, you'll get other useful stuff too, such as the battery door, the black lense cover, and the connectors side door. In case you don't already got the assorted doors pack before, then is is probably the most useful set to you.
Since I already purchased the other assorted doors some time ago, mainly for the protective lens cap in the set, I went for the two protective lens set this time. I've already packed one of them in my Phantom transport box, so it's always ready at hand.