Quest for Screencasting Tools

My quest for screencasting tools takes another level: what is so difficult about creating decent screencasts? There are now several Android/iOS/Windows tablet whiteboard apps available, so no need for an HDMI recorder anymore, right?


Wireless Diva

Microsoft diva(tm)
Microsoft's wireless display adaptor is like a diva: having it stored securely in its bag together with other video adaptors and cabling I recently wanted to check its firmware status. To my dismay I couldn't connect to the wireless display adaptor. Not really the first time this diva turns a back on me...


Kdenlive for Fun ... and Profit

So far I've worked with Kdenlive only on my hobby projects. But lately I could put my experience gained at home to good use at my day job. To better and simpler explain a research project me and my colleagues are working on I decided to go for a short video instead of the usual slide presentation.