Pure Sight: Above & Inside Sameranger See and Fernsteinsee

Panoramic view in any aspect. ;)
Sameranger See (T/AT)
Top notch mountain lake diving: Sameranger See and Fernsteinsee. Extraordinary sight that even make tropical waters cry. Both mountain lakes are side by side in between Fernpass and the town of Nassereith, Tyrol, Austria. But sight is not only top notch below the water surface but also above; filming at this beautiful location is a real pleasure. My DJI Phantom quadcopter is a great tool for aerial filming. Enjoy the video!

Luckily, my Phantom did not took any damages from meeting with some large trees. Many thanks go to Volker for quickly locating and rescuing the quadcopter.

Sight is really top notch in both lakes. Consider that this unusual year has left its traces also on these mountain lakes, so sight can even be more spectacular! However, temperatures are even at the end of the season barely around 10°C in just a few meters depth.

Above and inside Sameranger See and Fernsteinsee (view on YouTube)

Of course, diving my Dräger Panorama full face mask is really fun when you have such clear sight in the waters.