This is the End ... to SanDisk Ultra microSDs

Total loss: the final three cards
out of originally six cards
also went nuts.
Enough is enough. First, problems with filming where when filming with my GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Editions filming suddenly stops. Now a complete loss of filmed footage due to the SanDisk microSDs failing. Luckily, the footage wasn't of great importance, but this is annoying nevertheless.

So these remaining three cards out of originally six cards I've purchased from this brand finally have proven to me to be unreliable. I'm going to return them in order to get a full refund and purchase from a different brand known to be working. No more SanDisk for me.

The final result now is: six out of six SanDisk cards failed. SanDisk really has come a long way ... in direction of Earth gravity.  At least for me, as 100% of their products I purchased for use with GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition cams failed within some months of use.

And before someone knows better: I've purchased these cards through renowed channels, such as specialized dealers and large chain retailers. There is, for all it is worth, zero change of getting fake brand cards. And then, several independent dealers would have to get the same fakes over a period of several weeks where I purchased through different retailers. There is, for any practical reason, zero change of this going to happen, unless you are a believer in tin foil hats.

What I notice is that GoPro that once treated SanDisk as its one and only memory card supplier for their web shop isn't on the list of recommended microSD cards (as of end of August 2013). We find only three other companies here: Delkin, Lexar, and Samsung. Outch, this is a first class punch.