Full Face Snorkling Mask...?

We were afraid it might happen one day: here we have it ... a full face mask for snorkling, named «EASYBREATH». Believe it or not. The mask has been announced by Tribord, which is a brand of the well-known French company DECATHLON SA which produces and sells sports goods.

Tribord claims, this full face snorkling mask is for those people who don't like to breathe through the mouth and dislike the usual and well-proven biting mouthpieces as being unhygienic.

Well, I can perfectly understand that people don't like biting mouthpieces. However, why do such people really want to even swim in a sea, full of piss and oil, to start with? And breathing unfiltered surface air, full of dirt and fine dust?

Let's hope that Decathlon packs a full-body condom into the box.

What really irritates me: how do such people react when they get a good  charge of sea water into their full face mask, so they need to purge it? I yet want to see a snorkel with a working automatic plug. Not without reason, SCUBA divers don't use such «snorkels». Yet, Decathlon uses such a design? Seems as if attorneys will surely have their field day soon after this mask goes to sale.