Hero Power Bar

Not exactly on everyone's agenda, yet hero power users may probably face the same problem: how do I power all this video equipment for recharging? While on a tour, wall power outlets are typically a rare sight. And then you can spot only loners. Of course, one can buy power strips almost everywhere, so where's the problem?

The catch is that most power strip models must have been designed by people in miniature cubicles. What else could be the reason to place the individual power sockets as narrow as possible? I'm under the impression that the Chinese Communist Party seems to offer a monthly trophy for the one who can come up with a design even more unusable than the competition. And this competition surely is, err, tight.

And then, to these designers, USB power supplies seem to be extremely exotic, only few people would ever use them. It may be that after these fabulous product managers managed to get their iPhone 5c they are scratching along, barely paying the bill for electricity. So they never imagine that there could be people somewhere charging a bulk of devices simultaneously. Not even a set of GoPro HD Heroes, dual battery chargers, and dive lights, not to mentioned the other stuff...

But I was lucky when scouring my local electronics shop for a suitable power strip: I've managed to get one with power sockets not skewed by 45° and even with a fair spacing. This allows me to actually use all sockets and not just every other one, as it is the case with many miniaturized power strips.

And this is how it looks like...

My Hero Power Bar.

To the left, you see a 4.2 Amps USB power supply that feeds my two GoPro dual battery chargers. Again, the Chinese designing the supply messed up by not considering the proper orientation of wall power outlets over here. Hint: it's the same on the wall as can be seen for this power strip. Not that the other product designers didn't got right, you see? So, next come two 2.1 Amps USB power supplies, again with double USB sockets, powering my GoPro HD Heroes. To the right, you see the Light & Motion power supplies for charging my Sola 2000F dive lamps. Luckily, the spacing of the power supplies perfectly match the one of the power strip. Phew. Lucky me.

...but maybe I should see my doctor anyway. But only if he has rotating current in his waiting room!