Kdenlive UI: Effects & Transitions -- Odds and Ends

As part of the ongoing developer efforts to polish the Kdenlive user experience, the existing separate Effects Parameters and Transition Parameters panes were unified, while the lists of effects and transitions were separated...

New Unified Properties Pane

New unified effects & transition properties pane.
With Kdenlive 15.12, a single properties pane replaces and unites the old separate panes for the effect stack parameters and the transitions parameters. So, no more pane madness that was irritating especially new or unseasoned Kdenlive users.

This is really a convenient user interface improvement, which has proven to be incredible useful even for me old hand. While the old design never bugged me, many users surely will benefit from the new design.

(We had an interesting and effective discussion in the Kdenlive forum about how to properly name this new pane that finally led to the current design; thanks to all that took part in it!)

Split View Mode

Split view button in top right corner of the effects stack.

The unified properties page recently also got a split view mode whenever it is showing effects applied to a clip. For more details, please see my separate blog article Kdenlive UI: Split View -- Odds and Ends.

Effects and Transition Lists

effects & transitions.
Going the opposite direction, there are now two separate panes for the lists of effects and transitions. Formerly, this has been a single effect list that also housed transitions.

As an additional visual clue, all effects and transitions now get a small colored initial according to its name. For instance, an «A» inital for the affine transition. Now can I have illuminated initials, please?

The effects pane also now has filter buttons for showing only video effects, or audio effects, or just your favorite effects. Especially the last filter is incredibly useful to reduce clutter in order to show you exactly what you want to work with.

At this time, the transitions pane lacks the functionality of favorite transitions. But maybe this will come in the future if someone asks for it...?