Kdenlive: Rendering MP4 Video with Meta Data -- Odds and Ends

Do you also want to have your media player properly organize your rendered video files? After some trial and error, as well digging into ffmpeg code, I finally found out what meta data can be used for MP4 containers and how to correctly set Kdenlive project meta data...

Kdenlive Project Meta Data for MP4 Containers

This is an incomplete list of the Kdenlive project meta data elements supported for rendering to MP4 containers.

Note: Some default elements that Kdenlive automatically adds for each new project don't work with MP4 containers. Author and Year won't ever be added to your MP4 files, whatever you set them to.

Metadata Element Description
TitleThe title of your video. (String)
AuthorThe author element gets ignored when rendering to an MP4 container. Use Artist instead, see below.
ArtistThe name of the artist. (String)
YearThe year element also gets ignored when rendering to an MP4 container. Use Date instead, see below.
DateThe date of production or publication. (String)
CopyrightThe copyright information. May contain legalese. (String)
DescriptionA description of your video. (String)
SynopsisA longer description of your video. (String)
GenreThe genre of video. (String)
Episode_IDThe episode name or identifier, if applicable. Media applications will use this for (alphabetical) sorting. (String)
Episode_SortOverwrites alphabetical sorting by using a small integer number in the range of 0 to 255. (int8)
...for more MP4 container meta data elements, please see my blog post Adventures in fmpeg Meta Data Writing to MP4 Containers.

Note: Don't forget to check the "Export metadata" option in Kdenlive's render dialog. It's only available after checking "More options". Otherwise, your meta data won't get added to the rendered file.