Kdenlive UI: Show Me My Project Waste -- Odds and Ends

Jean-Baptiste is busy again, and again he is churning out another useful improvement to Kdenlive. This time, he's tackling your project waste...

Project Waste?

For better performance, Kdenlive needs to create some waste on your disk. But this is good waste, at least while you work on a Kdenlive project. After finishing your project, you may want to clean up. Such waste are audio and video thumbnails, proxy files, and only recently added, preview rendering chunks. Especially the last ones will be eating fast into your disk space.

In the timeline toolbar, the Preview Rendering button now got a new feature: Manage Cached Data.

Beautiful waste (Kdenlive temporary files)

Manage Cache Data shows a little beautiful dialog listing all your project waste. Jean-Baptiste even threw in a pie chart! Use the trash buttons next to each waste category cleans up your waste.

The expected typical use is to clean up especially timeline preview waste, as this will quickly grow as your project grows.

Another nice detail is that you can open the project cache directory in your file manager simply by clicking on the Project total cache data link in the summary line. Finally, as is to be expected, the summary trash button cleans up all project waste in a single go.

Project Settings

The project settings dialog also got a new fourth tab, titled Cache Data. It shows the same data as the Manage Cache Data dialog, and also gives the same control.

New Cache Data tab in project settings dialog.

In consequence, the existing Project Files tab has now lost its cleanup (trash) buttons, as cleaning up is now done from the new Cache Data tab.

Waste Location

The new location for Kdenlive waste is, conforming to XDG, inside your cache folder. On many systems Kdenlive waste thus defaults to $HOME/.cache/kdenlive. In this directory, you'll see more folders named by crazy numbers. Each folder corresponds to a Kdenlive project you once opened at least once.

Don't worry, as you normally won't ever need to guess which one is which: that's what the timeline's Preview Rendering > Manage Cached Data is for. Inside each project cache folder are the folders audiothumbs, preview, proxy, and finally videothumbs