Kdenlive: Adding Meta Data and Cover Art to Rendered Files

In a previous blog post I wrote about rendering MP4 video including meta data in Kdenlive. This is very convenient, as you keep the meta data (such as title, author, copyright) in the best place: in your Kdenlive project. Unfortunately, the underlying ffmpeg handles only some, but not all (usable) of the iTunes-compatible meta data elements. Even worse, ffmpeg cannot add cover art. Time for another attempt: a Kdenlive post-rendering script...


KF5 Dolphin Woes with Video Thumbnails

The Dolphin file manager from the KDE Frameworks 5 installation on my Kubuntu 16.04 system so far never showed any video thumbnails in preview mode. Strangely, when checking the available and enabled preview modules in Dolphin's preferences, all seemed to be fine. However, no previews...


Kdenlive: Rendering MP4 Video with Meta Data -- Odds and Ends

Do you also want to have your media player properly organize your rendered video files? After some trial and error, as well digging into ffmpeg code, I finally found out what meta data can be used for MP4 containers and how to correctly set Kdenlive project meta data...

Adventures in Ffmpeg Meta Data Writing to MP4 Containers

Venturing in the world of adding useful meta data to video files using ffmpeg gets us on really difficult terrain. It sort of feels like we're back in the early days of MP3 audio files. Not much hard documentation and everyone seems to say something else. Fortunately, a dive into ffmpeg's source code allowed me to surface with a simple list of meta data supported for MP4 containers.


Kdenlive UI: Show Me My Project Waste -- Odds and Ends

Jean-Baptiste is busy again, and again he is churning out another useful improvement to Kdenlive. This time, he's tackling your project waste...