For the Records: Phantom Cable Spaghetti

Luckily, newer firmware releases for the Naza-M starting with V3.16 support S.BUS2 operation. The english articles already base on a S.BUS(2) setup. Having only a single cable between receiver and Naza-M is a great improvement, no more cable spaghetti.

For the records, I'm documenting the mess that was my interim setup, using seven servo patch cables to connect the receiver to the Naza-M flight controller. You need to see this...

To the right, you see my original setup: an R7008SB receiver, hooked up to the Naza-M with seven servo patch cables. In this image, the placements of the two antennae as well as the external voltage measure cable are marked explicitly.

This picture now shows the cable spaghetti in its gory detail. It has been no pleasure to properly connect all the seven cables within the tight space available. Ironically, I didn't properly managed it myself ... and ended up with the X2 and U channels getting mixed up. Only later I noticed that my illustration is correct, but unfortunately, my actual wiring isn't.

In the end, when changing to the SBUS.2 setup when the new firmware became available, I had to clean up the slight mess I made in programming the T14SG due to the channels being mixed up.