Horka-Werbellin: a Short Dive Trip

Marco of Tauchrevier Deutschland fame was watering my mouth for quite a time already to do some dives in the lakes in the larger region around Berlin. Some weeks ago I got the opportunity to go on a short trip, starting at former stone pit Horka and travelling North until Werbellinsee. Of course, there are so many more dive spots in this area, so my wish list hasn't been checked clean so far. It was a really pleasant experience visiting the region, the landscape, interesting dive spots and with even more interesting people. Enjoy the video!

I visited these four dive sports:
  • Steinbruchsee Horka,
  • Senftenberger See,
  • Helene See (absolutely my favorite diving spot; good place with really good visibility, so I'm really envying the divers living in Frankfurt and Berlin),
  • Werbellinsee.
Many thanks also go to these dive buddies that I met at the diving spots and that were so kind to dive with me: André, Andreas, Gabriela, Petra, Sabrina and Torsten. Of course, I also saying a big thank you to the «usual suspects» (dive buddies): Christian, Gisela, Per Frédéric and several more...

Horka-Berlin: a short dive trip (view on YouTube)