World Record Day Under Water

Yesterday, we saw two new world records under water (2013-09-07)
  • most people cycling under water: 38 divers successfully completed the qualification runs, need approximately 45 minutes in total. This new world record required that all divers completely stayed under water during the whole qualification. We thus beat the previous world record which was at 22 divers.
  • fastest cycling under water: suddenly, Andreas Eigner did a 1:15 run, which is a new world record ... that was at 1:20 so far. Sven Jessl was just a few inches behind him, also beating the existing world record clearly. Third place was totally unexpected newcommer Aaron Faas that just missed the existing world record by a slight margin. Considering that Aaron hadn't trained underwater cycling at all...!
In contrast, I (just) managed to get on a middle rank. But I did it solely for the fun! I want to support such good ideas! Apart from this, I suppose that I'm the first underwater competition cyclist wearing a full face mask...

Qualification run with full face mask.

Weather and atmosphere were simply great! We also had media people from Bayrischer Rundfunk and several local stations on site.

PS: Thanks to Michaela Heinlein for filming my qualification run. The picture above is taken from this video footage.