Kdenlive UI: Resizable Timeline Track Headers & Small Tracks -- Odds and Ends

Sometimes, seemingly small UI improvements can make a big difference in my workflow. Resizable timeline track headers and small tracks with controls have just been landed in the development branch of Kdenlive ... yet already give me much comfort while working on my Kdenlive projects.

So what's the deal, eh? Look... Old hands will probably easily spot the changes, but don't despair if you don't. ;)

Newly arrived: resizable track headers & small track controls.

Resizable Track Headers

When you hover your mouse just over the end of the track headers, you should notice the mouse pointer changing to a horizontal move indicator. Just click, hold, drag, then release to make the track headers either wider or more narrow.

This way I can finally use descriptive track titles without having to worry about them getting clipped all the time.

Small Tracks with Controls

Previously, when squeezing tracks lower below a certain threshold, the track controls (lock, mute, ...) would disappear. But tracks without their controls are not that much useful – unless you are a keyboard shortcut monster.

This is now fixed. As soon as there isn't enough room to show the title and controls of a track simply stacked onto each other, Kdenlive now switches to a more compact track header layout. Kdenlive then shows the controls in line with the track title, but aligned to the right.

If there isn't enough room for the control, then a ">" control will appear that contains those controls that did not fit into the available horizontal space.

Especially Kdenlive users with smaller screens or a lot of tracks should benefit much from this UI polish. But even on larger screens, the timeline can now shrink vertically and yet still has all the required user functions accessible without having to scroll. This gives room to other panes. Sweet.