Kdenlive UI: Black is Beautiful -- Odds and Ends

Some seemingly small features may be actual workflow boosters ... but black is actually more than simply beautiful...

Having it seen in some screenshots I wondered why Kdenlive allows us users to set the theme and color scheme separately from the overall desktop and application theme and color settings.

Kdenlive with dark theme and Breeze icons for smooth work.

Well, finally even I was hit by a flash of enlightment. Using a dark and desaturated theme makes working with video for me so much better, as I can be more focused on what really matters without distraction: video.

No more visual distraction or interference from the side of the flashy user interfaces and icon sets. Now just the video stands out as only it needs my undivided attention. For this reason I also now prefer the seemingly "boring" breeze theme: no color distraction, only unobstrusive plain shapes.

Kdenlive gets better and more polished each day. So, many thanks to its developers, you're doing a great job!