Kdenlive UI: Clip in Project Bin -- Odds and Ends

As part of the ongoing polishing of Kdenlive's usability, the existing function Timeline > Current Clip > Clip in Project Bin has been improved. So far, after selecting a single clip in the timeline, Clip in Project Bin simply selected the same clip in the project bin, with the clip monitor switching to this clip. But the playhead was reset to start and in/out points lost. If you happen to splice long clips a lot, as I do in my screencasting projects, you were probably constantly hunting for the correct out point to work from further...

As an important new bonus, the clip monitor playhead now will be positioned at exactly the same frame the timeline playhead currently is at. This way, you are immediately positioned at the right context.

But there's even more to it: the clip monitor's in and out points will also be set, and they are set to the splice points of the selected clip in the timeline. That is, the in and out points correspond with the clip in/out points in the timeline.

Sweet! This makes working on footage with a lot of splices much easier and faster.