New PPAs for Kdenlive on (*)ubuntu

For those on (*)ubuntu-based systems, three new PPAs maintained by the Kdenlive project offer quick access to the most recent stable Kdenlive, as well as to the next upcoming stable version and the current development version. Very importantly, these PPAs also come with corresponding MLT, ffmpeg, and frei0r packages. In particular, some recent Kdenlive features will only work with very recent MLT packages.
  • kdenlive-stable: the most recent offical stable release. For production use.
  • kdenlive-testing: the feature-frozen upcoming Kdenlive stable release. If you run into problems with the current stable, try this if a fix is already available. Also, this gives you early access to bug fixes in advance of the next stable release. May be used with great caution also for production, especially within a bug-fixing release cycle, such as version 16.04 to 16.04.3.
  • kdenlive-master: bleading-edge Kdenlive from git master. Contains new features, fixes, and probably also bugs.
Please note that the ffmpeg package in these repositories is restricted due to licensing restriction. It thus lacks some video and audio encoders.