Kdenlive UI: Insert Mode -- Odds and Ends

Now that timeline insert and overwrite operations have landed in the development version of Kdenlive, we finally get the long-time missing insert mode. Formerly, insert mode wasn't implemented at all, and the mode switch disabled in the user interface. So how do the two modes insert and overwrite work...?

Insert mode has finally arrived!

Insert mode in tools menu.
In my first post about the new timeline insert and overwrite operations I focused on the new functionality when using the keyboard shortcuts V and B, as well as the menu items within Timeline > Insertion.

This time we'll look at the insert mode as switched on from either menu Tool > Insert mode, or alternatively using the insert mode button in the status bar.

Insert Mode: Mouse Droppings

The effects while in insert mode are probably best seen using the following simple example. So we start with this timeline setup as shown below. Please note that the topmost track is locked.

Example project.

Next, we take a two second zone of some bin clip and drag it onto the middle track in the timeline. This screenshot was taken just before the drop:

Just before dropping a two second bin clip zone...

When dropping this two second clip zone, Kdenlive will make room for it and thus shift all later timeline content on all unlocked tracks accordingly. If necessary, clips get spliced, as can be seen from the bottommost track.

After inserting a two second bin clip zone.

When splitting audio from video is enabled in Kdenlive's configuration, then you'll need to set the audio target track while in insert (or overwrite mode). If no audio target track is set, then the topmost audio track is taken automatically. The outcome with the audio target track set will thus look like this:

After inserting with the audio/video splitting and audio target track set.

Overwrite Mode

The existing overwrite mode has been updated to work similar, just as the new overwrite operation that is accessible from the Timeline menu. The aforementioned drop of a two seconds bin clip zone will thus yield the result shown below.

After overwriting some part of the timeline with two seconds bin clip zone.

This time, other clips are not moved, but only all unlocked tracks cleared in the zone where the bin clip zone was dropped.

When in audio/video split mode, again you need to set the audio target track. This is no different from insert mode.