Cressi Full Face Mask

In Brief

Italian Classics: Cressi full face mask & clones
Faceplate/visor flat, with protective frame
tempered glass
Mask frame/soft body opaque
Respiration mouth
Head harness/spider 3 straps
Quick release
Pressure equalization flexible nose section
Defogging same as half mask
Surface valve no
2nd stage fixed or optionally fixed/removable; almost every 2nd stage as long as it mechanically fits
Redundancy when 2nd stage is removable
1st stage suitable for particular 2nd stage
Communication no

En Detail

When compared to other typical full face masks the Cressi full face mask as well as its clones are extremely cheap. Its design bases on an extended half mask that now also covers the mouth region and encompasses the reg mouth piece. The clones differ from the Cressi original in mask material (for instance, rubber instead of silicone). As far as I know, IST and Pegasus are selling clones.
Note: Some may remember the Cressi full face mask from some scenes from the action thriller Amsterdamned. There it played its role as stage prop of the murdering ex commercial diver who always appeared in classic DIR black dive suits and with double tanks.

Visor and Mask Body

Due to the design basing in part on that of a half mask the Cressi again features a visor made from tempered glass. The mask body (frame) itself is opaque, so there are no problems to be expected from any reflections.


Cressi full face mask, back side (clone)
In contrast to many other full face masks the Cressi full face mask forms a single volume around eyes, nose, and mouth. There is no inner mask as with many other full face masks. In contrast, you usually directly hold the reg port with your mouth (or optionally biting into the mouth piece as before). This then works as the mouth volume separation at the same.

However, regs need to have a suitable port that you can hold in your mouth. And this may not be too comfortable. You can also use the usual mouth piece but then you cannot switch regs anymore.

As an alternative you may fix the reg port using the famous cable binders, as you can see in the photo.

Quick Harness and Quick Removal

Please note that the Cressi full face mask only has three straps unlike all the other full face masks. According to the European Norm EN250 it is thus not even considered to be a full face mask. There is also no help for quick removal; but this is probably not needed anyway as the 3-point head harness lacks the usual chin straps that typically fix full face masks securely on the diver's face.

Pressure Equalization

As the Cressi full face mask has the same flexible nose section as half masks, pressure equalization works exactly as already trained with half masks.


As long as you are directly breathing from the reg port or mouth piece mask defogging is exactly the same as with half masks. Spit or some defogging spray usually help, other than that no specials measures are required.


Detail: purging zone in the face seal.
Also: possible example how to fix a reg.
The Cressi full face mask has no special purge valve. Instead, there's a zone in the face seal where it is discontinued. You can blow out water through this zone; possibly by slightly lifting the mask at its bottom. This is a really minimalist design.

1st and 2nd Stages

In principle you can use any reg with this mask, as long as the reg port fits into the reg opening of the Cressi full face mask. Then, as usual, you first stage need to match your second stage. According to your personal preferences you may fix the reg port using a cable binder or you may just insert the reg port and fix it with your mouth.


Within some limits you can get gas supply redundancy with this mask, but only when you don't fix the reg with a cable binder or something similar. I don't know whether switching regs really safely works with such a configuration, especially when under stress. I've never met someone diving such a configuration. But there most probably is a reason why Dräger uses its quick release connector system for switching reg easily and safely.

Surface Valve

Not available.


Not possible due to the overall mask design.

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