Drill Videos

Live on Video: drill in reality and perfidy. (In Sauerkraut/Aufkirchen, BY/D)

Friends of colored and moving pictures will like this part of my blog: drill videos. In addition, you get an impression how the drill looks like ... and that they typically work differently than expected. Especially when filming.
ATTENTION! I'm no instructor and thus cannot give any official drill instructions. The following description of a set of drill exercises is the result of my own experience and is not in any way official dive organization drill. You have to decide for yourself and on your own risk whether you want to exercise my drill. I'm taking no liability that the descriptions or the exercises are correct and safe. Under no circumstances does my drill supersede any training under certified instructor supervision according to daily dive organisation guidelines.

Drill Videos Rounds #1, #2, and #4

In order to avoid staying abstract, here I present three videos covering drill rounds #1, #2, and #4. Primarily, I'm showing the most comprehensive exercise: removing the full face mask and switching to half mask and backup gas supply ... and then switching back again to the full face mask and primary gas supply.

You may very well argue whether the second drill part is relevant. But in my oppinion it gives divers additional confidence that they are able to refit their full face mask under water after problems. For instance, if the seal does not fit properly, an experienced diver may be able to solve this problem in place without going through the hassle of switching masks.

In addition, the confidence in being able to switch masks in buoyance without the need to kneel down on the non-existing bath tiles is surely a big plus. As a bonus I'm showing switching gas without having to remove the full face mask as well as the typical Dräger pressure equalization.

Drill Round #1

Instructor Wolfgang Friebe perfectly presents the exercise in the pool. I really must thank him for immediately supporting me in my attempt to show full face mask drill exercises in form of living video. Wolfgang is presenting the drill very clearly and precisely. Editing and titeling was really fun. But now for the video:

Full face mask handling (watch on YouTube)

Drill Rounds #2 and #5

Okay, this second video shows my first attempt at doing round #2: well, I've not born as a master. Mask changes in free buoyancy without sitting on the tiles is challenging. This came as a surprise to instructor Wolfgang Friebe as I didn't told him in advance ... but luckily, he quickly started the cam. You can see round #2 starting from 2'00 in the video. In addition, I'm showing round #5, that is, my certification in Lake Blaustein ... that was rather green those days.

Full face mask certification impressions (watch on YouTube)

Drill Round #4

Finally, I've got footage for drill round #4, fresh from Aufkirchen Sauerkraut indoor diving pool. As a bonus I'm showing the Dräger-specific pressure equalization as well as gas supply change. Plus a second stage going awry after gas supply change. Have fun watching the footage ... and backbiting, especially when what I'm «preaching» isn't exactly working as advertised. Of course, it is important to me to show you also such situations: experts are not made in a day. Fortunately.

Advanced drill with a full face mask (watch on YouTube)


You will find even more blog posts on this topic following this tag: full face mask. Likewise, I've put some impressions from diving with full face masks online.


PS: Many thanks to Wolfgang Friebe for demonstrating how to handle a full face mask in front of the cam and for shooting footage at during my certification in open water.