In Good Sight the Mask Sight Is Top

What should I (as a SCUBA diver) think of test reports about full face masks in typical SCUBA diving magazines?

Source: test report «Ocean Reef im »Maskentest«» [«Ocean Reef in mask test»], published in SCUBA diving magazine tauchen 9/11, pp. 102:
«Bei guter Sicht, im klaren Wasser ist die Maske auch von der Sicht her top.»
In good sight, in clear water, the mask is also top when it comes to the sight.», my humble translation.]

No, I'm not making this up. Believe me.

Otherwise, this magazine test report lacks any rating with respect to the (Ocean Reefs) mask's performance under the usual bad sight conditions as found in our inshore cold and filthy lakes. Interestingly, the report really extensively describes the problem of distracting mask reflections under bad sighting conditions. Yet it avoids any performance remark like fleeing the devil. Thus, there is no concrete evaluation of the Ocean Reef full face mask in such bad sight conditions. I really read the test report many, many times; over and over again. But there's not even a single word about the Ocean Reef's mask performance.

To be fair, we should assume that the author of this test never had the chance to actually test this full face mask in real, open water conditions in a typical coldwater lake, such as Happurger Baggersee or Steinberger See. And thus the author simply cannot pen down and publish any real-world results in this respect.

Personally, I would like to vote for this test report to be awarded by tauchen itself this very year! Don't know the category, but I'm sure, tauchen could create a suitable new one, if necessary. After all, they are coming with all trades of award categories, so why not for the most, um, unordinary test report? So, where can I report this brilliant report for the Pulitzer?