Murner See

The Lake Murner See is a former brown coal open pit. Many years ago a renaturation program was started. Part of it was to slowly and carefully flood the pit in a controlled manner. Due to its history, the waters of Murner See are still comparably sour: pH values in the range from 5.1 to 5.4 in the northern region around the entry «Aussichtsturm» (literally: «Look-out Tower»). However, sight is often more than fair; depending on weather and diver strain sight can be even incredibly good ... just these photos demonstrate. We now even see the first fish: perches, pikes, and even a catfish.
At the beginning of 2012 after I had visited Murner See under water for my first time I booked this experience under «okay, but no pressure to do again». My prejeduce then broke down during the Summer the same year. Axel «WiCa» Eisele had pulled me back into this lake again and had shown me all kinds of interesting things under water. And the icing on top were the pikes ... we could ban on video for (presumably) the first time!

But the real Highlights should still wait for us. So, after several impressive and beautiful dives I distilled the footage (that had accumulated in the meantime) into the video Murner UW Life and Landscape. It caused some local stir in Wackersdorf and Schwandorf, the communities nearby.

Of course, I have to really thank the local communities, and the major of Wackersdorf in particular, for their great support of us divers. Wackersdorf has especially built vastly improved entries to Murner See for divers.

Organizational Things

  • The local diving regulations for Murner See: Tauchverordnung für den Murner See (Sporttaucher Schwandorf).
  • Allowed entries and entry regions, please see also the Tauchverordnung for details:
    • «Rutsche» (basically the old entry from days long gone) near Rauberweiherhaus,
    • the parking place near the wooden look-out tower (northern shore),
    • the meadow at the northern shore.
Note: Of course, I really have to say a big, big thank you to Peter von der Sitte (of Sporttaucher Schwandorf) for his incredible engagement. He played an important role in avoiding a ban on diving in Murner See and on keeping the contact with the local community and residents.


Nearby are the following waters where diving is allowed: