Kraut Dread

Some safety-aware full face mask drill beyond commercial dive tricking organization certification: switching masks while hovering freely. And as bonus: switching gas supply with the Dräger PND full face mask and some cut scenes. Have fun watching!

Kraut Dread (view on YouTube)

Filmed in the former Sauerkraut factory, the Diver's indoor diving center at Aufkirchen near Erding (BY/D). For the cam I used my GoPro HD Hero2 together with the GoPro dive housing. Despite the sub-optimal lighting conditions due to the new LED lighting I still got quite good footage.

Nevertheless I had to manually correct the white balance for the final cut as the Hero2 really goes green under water. Luckily the source footage was not broken beyond at least some color repair. See also Two Heros Compared on this topic.