What would this blog be without the supplementing help of my friends' diving imagery? In particular, if it comes to full face mask photos I naturally need to rely on my friends to shoot them. You know, there aren't that much full face mask divers around here, so it is difficult for me to shot such imagery myself. So I'm really thankful that my friends are so kind as to allow me to use their imagery for my blog.

Thus, the imagery from this blog (hopefully) always lists the corresponding photographers: credit where credit is due.

My many thanks go to (in alphabetical order):
Of course, the copyright for the imagery in this blog is with the appropriate copyright holders. Imagery from this blog must only be used with obligatory permission of the copyright owners.

The symbols used in the context of information, note, and warning boxes are by Saki (Alexandre More) and are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

PS: This is one of my own imagery, from Blindsee (T/A). The script-like font on the Polaroid-like photos is the vSHandprinted (OFL) by Thomas von Strong.