»Mask Test«

To cite the title of a test report from the German SACUBA diving magazine tauchen 9/11, pp. 102:
«[...] im »Maskentest«»
[«... in »mask test«», my humble translation]

I double checked it: they really put the term «mask test» in quotes. That's really unusual and thus remarkable. Did someone here wanted to distance himself/herself from this «mask test»? Why should someone with tauchen surround the term «mask test» with (french) quotes? This term is fine, no need for quotes ... except if there should be a problem with the test as such, per chance?

On a sidenote, the proper standardized German term for a full face mask is «Vollmaske» (literally: «full mask») and not «Vollgesichtsmaske», this being a direct translation from the English term «full face mask». So I could immediately understand if tauchen would start to surround the term Vollgesichtsmaske with quotes instead ... but that's a different story.