Mrs Darth Specialty

Pink Pow(d)er.

Our jungle of PAYDI specialties would be incomplete without this exclusive full face mask specialty for our fashion-concious she-divers. This beautiful card is a definitive must-have accessoire for your diving handbag.

And we would be crazy if we would lose sight of this important and wealthy customer group. As if this would be possible considering the color space usually covered by such customers. Just teasing... We are sure that the color of our new specialty card is so much appealing, your buddy won't resist at all.

Somehow this particular piece of diving outfit reminds me of the sanitary departments of home improvement store chains. Other divers spilled out much more, well, explicit associations. But I can't cite them here as otherwise Google would probably turn this blog into a, well, block...

PS: Big, big kudos to Axel Eisele for this shot and committing it to my blog. This pink Ocean Reef Neptune Space is really, um, remarkable. It reminds me of the old Rover advertising claim: «a class of its own».
PPS: Moan, groan, sigh...