Peak Perversion Buoyancy Specialty

Perverse Performance Buoyancy

There are so many reasons why being just able to control your buoyancy is not enough. There is room for improvement. Much room: go for perverse performance buoyancy!

Real mastery shows when you are showing this card!

In case this doesn't work out as there are some minor issues with your abilities, you don't need to despair. To sweeting this bitter pill we still have the sediment whisperer ready for you. And it's really not that expensive. We would not be PAYDI if we couldn't offer you some way out ... for money, that is.

PS: Many thanks to Axel Eisele for the shooting session in Blindsee (T/A). The moment we were doing this, a group of OWD freshmen came along, but (ironically) they were completely distracted by controlling their buoyancy, so they didn't noticed us. These are just situations money can't buy.